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29 Feb 2012

In The Modern Time, Religion is a Part of Lifestyle

Firefox is my primary browser. Usually I use firefox not only to browse but also to edit css and html using web development tool such as firebug. I really love how firefox show website. Our web design-layout and its appearance on firefox browser almost same. The problem happen when i try to open my web design in another browsers like chrome (quite good), opera, safari and moreover Internet Explorer because not all browser support CSS5. To anticipate people who use different browser with me, so i tried to use another browser to knowing what the appearance really like. and yeah.. like what I thought before, it's quite difficult to make our web design have same appearance in different browsers because of the difference of their ability to show CSS perfectly. By the way, actualy this is not what i want to write in this post. I just want to post a picture of what i see when i was searching some useful extinction for Chrome @ chrome web store. Like you see, when i clicked LIFESTYLE menu, it expanded some sub-menu with RELIGION inside it. Wow! I actually do not really surprise with it while I know a bit how mainstream the secularism in The West. It's just feel so funny for me when Google put religion as sub-division for Lifestyle. What do you think, pals?

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