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30 Jul 2010

The Meaning of Prayer Movement (Makna Gerakan Shalat)

(۩) Jaber Ibn Ansari narrates that I was with the Commander of the Faithful when he saw a man offering prayers so he (AS) asked the man, do u know the meaning of this prayer? The man replied: Why? Has prayers got a meaning other than that its just a worship?

(۩) Imam Ali said:

I swear by the one who sent Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) with His Prophetic Message, Allah did not send His Prophet (P.B.U.H.) with an action unless it has a meaning and revelation behind it, and all this guides to worship.

(۩) In another Riwayat (Tradition) the Imam (A.S.) says that the one who doesn't know the meaning of the actions in his/her prayer, his/her prayer is incomplete. So the man asks the Imam (AS) about the actions/moves in Namaz.

(۩) Raising our hands in the first Takbirah (Takbira tul Ihram) means that Allah is great, He is One, there is nothing like Him, He can't be touched by the five fingers neither any of the senses can see/smell HIM. The man asks what is meant by Ruku,

(۩) the Imam (A.S.) replies that it means (O' Allah) I will still testify Your Oneness even if you were to cut my head off. The Imam was asked what is meant by raising our heads from Ruku,

(۩) he (A.S.) replied it means that (O' Allah) YOU are the ONE who brought me from non-existence to existence.

(۩) Meaning of Prostration: A man came to Imam Ali and said O' son of the uncle of the best creations of Allah (our Prophet) what is the meaning of the first Sajda/Prostration?

(۩) He (A.S.) replied: That means that O Allah you have created me from it (in the sense that we are made of soil/earth) and raising your head from the 1st Sajda means that YOU have taken us out of it (earth), going into the 2nd Sajda means that we are going back to it (death) and raising our head from it means when HE will raise us from it on the day of Judgment.

(۩) The last Tashahud and its meaning:

(۩) The Imam says that when you put your right foot on your left that means that you are praying to Allah that I have established the Truth (Haqq) and killed the Falsehood.

(۩) Tashahud is to renew your belief, practicing on Islam and confessing of the raising after death.

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