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12 Jul 2009

Miss her with capital h

Alay Ngelantur yea i do miss her. i just want her now. her with capital 'h'..... come come come i hope she come to me now. she whom i miss a lot. she whom i love. she with capital 's'

July 12 at 8:05pm · Comment · Like / Unlike · View Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3)

Yenni Puspitaningrum
So 'h' or 's'? Hmm...
July 12 at 8:16pm · Delete

Tri Nuraini
ehm..ehm...sapa tuuu? hihihi...
July 12 at 8:37pm · Delete

Alay Ngelantur
SHE who created the universe
July 12 at 11:07pm · Delete

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