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9 May 2003

rindu sampai bermimpi

When I was sleeping suddenly Mr. Wandi woked me up. And he said,”Your Father Will come here (My Old Inn) tonight, at 7.30. I was so happy when I hear it. When Magreb come Pak Haji Dadang came to old inn and talked with Mr.Wandi. so I and my friends abides at outside in.. when Isya came, my father comes to inn. I was so hapy. I ask for money to buy slipper. He gave me. I bought slipper as like Muhtar’s slipper.
But that’s all just a nice dream. Saking kangennya kepada orang tuaku, aku sampai bermimpi seperti itu.

Friday, May 9th, 2003
Today, I was so happy because my father comes to my inn at Bandung. He came at 16.15. When I have eaten in the Ibu Haji’s House, suddenly my father came with my head master. He met my headmaster when in travel to here at station Hourpugur. My father bring some food. He gave it to me and Nurul “my young sister” much money. I was so very Pleasant.

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